Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Exhibition Watching

I was back down in Pittenweem today as I had volunteered to watch over the open art exhibition. Despite the torrential rain it was actually quite busy and the hours passed extremely quickly.

My wee print down in the bottom right corner next to David Aitken's work.

I really liked this mixed media piece called 'Grey Wagtail' by Claire Reid

And I thought that 'Q for the Sales' by Kay Thomsom was also really interesting (click on the image for a larger, easier to see version).

Two of my classmates also had work in the exhibition; Sarah Bissell (second from the left, top image) and Rosalind Mundie (second from the right, top image).

I'm glad I managed to make it down to see the exhibition but wish I could have seen more of the festival while I was there. I will definately be submitting work again next year and would quite like to get a bit more involved with volunteering I think.

The Pittenweem Arts Festival will be on until the 15th.

Just a wee reminder that information about purchasing my prints can be found down a wee bit in the previous post.

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